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NetImpact regularly authors articles in leading business dailies on social trends and sectoral analyses. These articles share rich insights on the concerned brand or sector and are the outcome of an in depth study of the entire landscape.



Consumer dissatisfaction: insights into online retailers' performance

Consumer dissatisfaction: insights into online retailers’ performance

E-commerce consumers express their opinions on social platforms on a variety of things—from what sales they liked, to the best deals available, to what advertising worked for them.

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Big initial thumbs up to Modi's currency-ban drive

Big initial thumbs up to Modi’s currency-ban drive

A deep dive shows the positive comments being largely around appreciation of the massive step in PM Narendra Modi’s fight against black money and corruption

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India e-commerce wars

India’s e-commerce wars: a consumer perspective

A first-of-its-kind analysis of over 1.8 million social media conversations over January, February and March across the top 10 e-commerce brands.

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share of smartphone social conversation

Xiaomi, LeEco open 2016 with a bang

Chinese smartphone brands top social media rankings, beating usual retail leaders Samsung and Micromax. India’s smartphone market, one of the fastest growing …

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smartphone buzz

Who’s winning the smartphone buzz?

Chinese brands are investing heavily in India and in the online space, hoping it will drive image leadership, online sales and, eventually, offline sales as well

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Delhi odd even rule

Will Delhi’s odd-even rule to control air pollution work?

NetImpact Solutions analysed over 100000 relevant comments on the topic between 1 and 7 Dec. The verdict of Delhi netizens is in favour of it.

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after the noodlestorm

After the noodlestorm

Maggi, the instant noodles brand from Swiss foods giant Nestle, returned to the stores around Diwali. This was more than five months after the brand had been pulled out of stores following a ban ..

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India web e-commerce

Five days that glued Indian online buyers to their screens

Indian consumers were tempted with deals to shop online through print ad wars, television commercials and outdoor and digital drives by ..

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