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Failure to respond via social channels can lead to a 15% increase in consumer churn rate (Gartner Study). At NetImpact, we know that great customer service is the key to building brand loyalty.

In this digital age, consumer expectations around fast, helpful response by online customer service are skyrocketing. A global report by Microsoft revealed that 96% of respondents thought that customer service was a key determinant of their loyalty to a brand. As consumers increasingly choose to voice their complaints and queries on brands’ social media handles, a brand’s reputation is now dependent on how quickly and effectively it engages with consumers online. It is also a golden opportunity to delight consumers and increase brand love, publicly.

At NetImpact, we are driven by consumer stickiness and delight. We consistently deliver the lowest response time across the industries we work in, to ensure consumers are not kept waiting for problem resolution. We have experienced teams that are intensively trained to ensure that every interaction is an opportunity to reaffirm to consumers that their chosen brand cares for them.

We ensure that consumer experiences of a brand on social media are positive and a big source of beneficial word-of-mouth.


A large financial services client was struggling with regular feedback of delayed and missed response to social consumer complaints. After onboarding the NetImpact team, they are now the No. 1 responsive brand in the industry, with the lowest Turn-around-Time (TAT) in the sector. There has also been a 3x jump in Customer Service appreciation.

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Online reputation management casestudy of Vodafone

For Vodafone India, we helped simplify the customer verbiage across hundreds of touch points covering over 80,000 consumer interaction message templates with a friendly and synergised brand tone. This meant that every online instance of customer support or complaint resolution became an opportunity to offer consumers a positive experience that reaffirmed their brand choice and left a lasting impression on their minds.