NetImpact invests heavily in technology to ensure analysis that is insightful, accurate, and speedy. All our proprietary products and processes are designed keeping in mind the needs of brand owners – enabling them to have the most comprehensive understanding of their consumers and meeting their brand objectives.

NetImpact Pattern: This is an AI based proprietary product used by us to deep dive into big social data and unearth valuable consumer insights. Pattern ensures the highest levels of precision and reliability in any analysis; it offers a highly nuanced understanding of consumer sentiment and is deployed in all our social listening work.

Social media listening agency product Twitter profiler

NetImpact Twitter Profiler: This is a unique product that profiles Twitter audiences and enables direct targeting of varied audience segments. This is an excellent tool for B2C marketers seeking to reach select audiences through one-on-one content on Twitter.

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NetImpact Trend Spotter: This tool brings alive the pulse of what’s trending by collating all Twitter & Google trends historically in one place, enabling better analysis and easy retrieval.

Social media listening agency product Trend Spotter
Social media listening agency product customised dashboards

Customised Dashboards: NetImpact creates customised dashboards for its partners, to enable them with real-time access to relevant information that aids decision-making in a dynamic, competitive world. These dashboards are a great way for brands to keep track of key metrics that are critical for assessment of brand health.