The social media landscape is replete with conversations about shifting customer preferences, which, if tapped into, can accelerate a brand’s growth trajectory. Effective social listening can be a goldmine of insights for businesses. It empowers you to make data-driven decisions, address customer concerns proactively, and create offerings that truly resonate with your audience. Social listening isn’t just about not missing anything – it’s about harnessing the power of real-time customer feedback to fuel business growth.

At NetImpact, we bridge the gap between online conversations and strategic brand decisions.

We have a slew of proprietary products that help our team of trained analysts to extract relevant insights from the vast landscape of online customer dialogue. We pull in 2x-5x more social data compared to market players by using cutting-edge tools, and deliver high-precision analysis, rapidly.


PATTERN, our AI product, goes beyond the surface to provide a deeper understanding of customer sentiment.

Most clients are long-term partners as they value the weekly/monthly insights that help them maintain a continuous cycle of improvement. We help you unlock brand growth with meticulous data analysis, a deep understanding of your business priorities, and creative problem-solving.



Examples of frequently requested reports:

  • Campaign tracking
  • Brand health dashboards
  • Insights for campaign development
  • Deep dives into audience segments, including emerging niches
  • Influencer analysis
  • Macro-trend mapping
  • Industry trends
  • Ongoing competitor benchmarking
  • Triggers and barriers to brand usage
  • Sentiment analysis


Businesses need to know where they stand vs. their closest competitors in the customer’s mind. Customers share views about brands on their social platforms everyday, which, if mined, is an excellent source of independent feedback. NetImpact undertakes an ongoing, competitor benchmarking tracker for a global e-commerce company. This enables the business to understand drivers of negative/ positive sentiment and to course correct, where required, through the year.

For Mondelez, we helped track launches of new product variants, providing real-time feedback from consumers, both positive and negative. The brand used this information as a constant input to their Marketing Mix. As a part of this exercise, the communication on a new value re-engineered SKU was revamped based on the feedback received from online users who did not see the benefit of the new proposition.

We undertook a detailed study on youth in India for Vodafone, identifying key interest areas, trends, and popular culture that resonated with them. This helped the brand craft an entry strategy for a new product in their portfolio targeting the youth.

For a global personal care company, we undertook a social media consumer perception study of the Shampoo market in the US, Egypt, Malaysia, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. We identified new ingredients and product benefits that were most talked about by consumers online to ascertain potential new product entry points in this highly competitive category.