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We are experts at understanding consumer speak and connecting that with business strategy.

Everyday millions of consumers across the globe share their views about brands, product features, fashion trends, and so much more on social media. This is a treasure of real-time information that marketers can use to create brand experiences that are in tune with rapidly changing consumer expectations.

At NetImpact, we are captivated by what consumers have to say. We have a slew of proprietary products that help us capture 2x to 5x more data across social platforms and ensure the highest standards of rigour in analysis. PATTERN, our AI based product enables a highly nuanced understanding of consumer sentiment. If there is anything being said online that is relevant to your brand, we can capture and analyse it for you.

A few examples of analyses that we are asked for:

  • Industry trends and competition analysis
  • Brand pain points
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Campaign tracking
  • Brand health dashboard
  • Other customised solutions


For Mondelez, we helped track launches of new product variants, providing real-time feedback from consumers, both positive and negative. The brand used this information as a constant input to their Marketing Mix. As a part of this exercise, the communication on a new value re-engineered SKU was revamped based on the feedback received from online users who did not see the benefit of the new proposition.

Social Media listening agency FMCG food client
Social Media listening agency telecom client

We undertook a detailed study on youth in India for Vodafone, identifying key interest areas, trends, and popular culture that resonated with them. This helped the brand craft an entry strategy for a new product in their portfolio targeting the youth.

For a global cosmetics FMCG giant, we helped benchmark trending categories and benefits across global markets with the aim of identifying potential opportunities in India.

Social Media listening agency FMCG cosmetics client