Month: June 2024


The Power of Social Listening: Unlock Hidden Opportunities for Your Marketing Strategy

When a wave of tweets about soggy fries flooded Twitter, McDonald's could have easily dismissed them as isolated complaints. However, by actively listening to social conversations, they recognized a recurring issue with their packaging. This insight prompted them to redesign their fry containers, resulting in crispier fries and happier customers. This is the power of…

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5 Mantras of Building a Culture of Collaboration and Meritocracy

At NetImpact, we believe that a strong organisational culture is the backbone of any successful business.  By focusing on our core values—integrity, transparency, operational excellence, and inclusion—we aim to create a workplace where employees feel inspired, valued, and engaged.  This not only builds commitment and employee motivation, but also ensures that we deliver exceptional value…

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The Impact of Online Customer Care on Brand Loyalty

Introduction According to a recent study, 73% of customers are willing to spend more with companies that provide excellent customer service experiences.  In today's digital age, online customer care has emerged as a critical factor in building brand loyalty and customer retention. Customers expect immediate, efficient, and personalized support, and businesses that deliver exceptional online…

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